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October 28, 2021

European Standard School (ESS) became the official member of the PASCH network and signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), in presence of the German Ambassador Mr.Holger Michael in March 2011.
ESS launched German Language in academic curriculum as a subject in 2011. Activities of the German Language classes include: group and pair activities,film screening library activities, Stammtisch (German spoken class), quiz competitions, write ups on contemporary and other topics. Every year approximately 150 students get enlisted into the German Language classes. Therewith, they get the opportunity to learn a new language without any additional course fees, not only new future perspectives open up for them but also scholarships are available while the student is still in school. A bunch of students get the chance to participate in youth camps in different states of India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The best performers also get scholarships in India and Germany for further training and participation in the Youth Camps. The students who were able to participate in the three week summer camps in Berlin-Schlachtensee, Germany with integrated language courses expressed that this experience turned out to be the most exciting time of their academic life.