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January 6, 2021

Football Tournament

Sports always have been a priority for European Standard School (ESS) to build young mind to acknowledge the importance of team-work, discipline and confidence to achieve success. Football has been one of the prime sports played at a competitive level by our Senior ESS students for last 20 years. Our ESS Football team has played in many tournaments against various schools of Dhaka and showed the world their sportsmanship. Our football team has made their alma mater gratified by participating in several Inter-School Football tournaments. They showed their skills in tournaments organized by Pledge Harbor Football tournament 2018, Clear Men Bangladesh U-17 Championship Tournament-2019 (DRMC), Shahin School Football Tournament, SFX Green herald Football Tournament-2019 and many others. Our students of Dhanmondi and Mirpur campus broadcast their talent in football in the Intra School Football Tournament-2018 and Intra School Football Tournament-2019 Inter-Class Football Tournament every year, touching the height of achievements. 

Cricket Tournament 

Talk about sports in Bangladesh, Cricket will be the first name, and European Standard School (ESS) leaves no stone unturned.  Our very own ESS Cricket team has made their institution honored in various moments by taking part in different tournaments such BCB Inter-school Tournament, Scholastica U-14 and U-19 Cricket Tournament, Pledge Harbor Cricket Tournament and many more. Our cricket team has shown high standard of conduct and team work in the field to achieve trophies and reputation for ESS. They show cast their vigilance and hard work to stay competitive in the field to achieve success through winning.