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Ms. Kishwar Ali

Vice Principal

Message from the Vice Principal

Welcome to European Standard School (ESS), where students develop confidence,  compassion, and courage. Our ambition is to inspire students to develop integrity, altruism and independence. Our ethos and aims refer to the inculcation of academic depth and co-curricular breadth, along with the provision of opportunities for leadership and service within a loving,  compassionate community. As one of the city’s best schools, ESS students receive a first-class academic and pastoral education that opens doors to top universities and exciting careers. Our exceptional co-curricular program of sport, performing arts, and outreach into our local community enables students to develop a wonderful range of skills, expertise, and interests,  alongside high-level academic achievement. We expect our students to develop individual passions and through them to acquire a range of skills and characteristics. ESS is a happy,  purposeful place of intellectual inquiry and personal discovery for students. We are proud of our academically challenging and balanced curriculum which is delivered by committed staff, through inspirational teaching methods and the innovative use of technology. The progressive and far-reaching academic curriculum, coupled with a huge range of extracurricular activities and cultural activities, ensures that students are set on the road to success. The school’s caring,  creative and nurturing environment encourages each student to become the best versions of themselves and contribute to the wider community in their own unique and valuable way.

May Allah continue to bless us and all of our endeavors in bringing forth the transformation of students’ hearts and minds along with their advancement.

Best Wishes,
Ms. Kishwar Ali
Vice Principal

House # 31/D, Rankin Street, Wari, Dhaka 1203

About Wari Campus

We strive within our campus to develop our students’ competence in all elements of life. We work very closely with our students to help them understand much more about their unique learning profile and to help them embrace and value the idiosyncrasy that makes them unique. Our focus is not on academic results alone, we make our students feel prepared for life beyond the campus doors and so we also offer input around fitness, health, nutrition, resilience and mental wellness. Instigating confidence in students’  abilities and worth is a crucial component of our campus speciality. Our confidence model includes self-awareness, communication, responsibility, independence. In our  learning community, each of us has the determination and resilience to embrace the challenges learning brings, and take responsibility for our learning and development. Our students are fully equipped with the skills they need for life, learning and work. They are healthy, happy and responsible, eager and able to make a positive contribution to society and build a better future. Our values are responsibility, ambition, achievement and respect. We aim to work to secure the highest standards of attainment and personal achievement, to develop the capacities of our students to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society, to provide personal support and challenge to enable learners to take responsibility for their learning, to work closely with our students to develop a dynamic and innovative curriculum which provides smooth progression through the various stages and transitions, raises the standards of achievement of all our students and develops the skills  required for life, learning and work. Morality, respect, leadership, perseverance and empathy are all values we seek to instil. We are responsive to individual needs and  develops the strength and personality of each of our students, whilst encouraging a sense of responsibility, the growth of self-respect, and an understanding of community  values. We especially prize enthusiasm and commitment and fosters self-respect, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility. We nurture a sense of responsibility for local,  national and global environments. We Maintain collaborative partnerships within the School and the wider community. We Promote awareness of others, understanding and  mutual respect. We Provide a flexible educational experience that meets the needs of individuals in a welcoming, safe and supportive community. We encourage all pupils to  reach their full potential and to strive for personal excellence. Our aim within this campus is to encourage each student to be self-confident, inquiring, tolerant, positive,   well-rounded and independent who will understand and cherish a rich and varied world. We offer a warm and safe environment in which students develop their talents and  initiative, and where they receive an excellent education. Our campus provides a safe and nurturing environment where we work together to ensure all our students have an equal chance to reach their fullest potential.