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ESS Cricket Club: We Dream Beyond Boundary

No nook and corner of this delta island is free from cricket fever. May be after 71 what makes our
blood metaphorically spill more, that is cricket. Hardly can the tigers of Bangladesh Cricket Team
imagine how much influence they exercise over the tender minds of the school goers. Cricket is now
not just a name of a sport, it is a word what cocoons hope and hype; it is an umbrella under which
there blooms dream to rock the world with a bat and ball.
To add fuel to the fire of cricket vibe, ESS management has been patronizing the cricket club since
its birth year in 2000. Standing on the threshold of the millennium, the club dared to dream of a
dauntless lyrical journey. The more time flew by, the more Bangladesh cricket team roared across
the boundary, the more ESS cricket team strengthened itself through thick and thin.

21st July 2010: Tigers Learned to Fly
European Standard School‟s cricket team flew to Malaysia on 21st July 2010 to participate in the
„4th KAF International Youth Cricket Carnival 2010 organised by Kuala Lumpur Cricket Association.
This is an under-16 age level competition. This youth carnival was nominated and awarded in the
category of “Best Junior Cricket Tournament 2009”, by ICC. ESS cricket team under the name ESS
HCB (ESS Heritage Club) already took part in the third round of the KAF carnival and secured a
prestigious position reaching semi-finals. Here goes the tournament detail:
Tournament Format:
2 reserves,
1 manager

1. Royal Selangor Club – Kiara Annexe (Main event venue)
2. Kinarara Oval
3. Bayuemas Oval
4. Club Aman

Match Summary
Sri Lanka won the toss, went for batting first and scored 75 runs in 7 overs. ESS Heritage Club
(ESS HCB) chased the target within 6 overs. On behalf of ESS HCB Maruf and Sofor scored 30 and
28 respectively. The match placed the winning team in the third position of the entire tournament.

Individual Achievements in the Tournament:
Best batsman: Md. Faiyaz (ESS)
Best bowler: Abu Nowajish ( ESS HCB)
Best fielder: Kader Alam ( ESS HCB)
Best wicket keeper: Saiful Islam Sanju (ESS HCB)
Man of the final: Md. Sofor Raj (ESS HCB)
Fastest bowler: Maruf Hasan (ESS HCB)

Participation in few other tournaments:
1. Dhaka Inter School Tournament (DPS STS) in 2017
2. 3rd DPS STS Inter School Cricket Tournament in 2018


ESS arranges study tour for the students to provide first-hand experience, stimulate their motivation and inter-relationships. Our school has arranged study tours to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre, National Museum, Bangabandhu Memorial Museum, Bangladesh National Zoo and so on. Such kind of study tours provide students the opportunity to take a break from their normal routine and experience more hands on learning. Places like zoo, planetarium theater and historical museum have interactive displays that allow our students to improve their kinaesthetic skills. Educational places strengthen students’ observational and perceptional skills to promote their personal and social life. 


A picnic allows students to continue their outdoor exploration without interruption. A friendly environment can help the students to come out from their confined study-life. Annual picnic is one of the expected and awaited programmes for all the students as they enjoy the picnic most. The happiness that the students of ESS gain in the most simple things, bursting into laughter, playing games, singing songs, gossiping with the friends, taking photos, enjoying food with friends and many more tingling moments are the memories to cherish forever.


European Standard School (ESS) encourages students to enjoy and participate each and every event with great enthusiasm. Some of the days are celebrated in our school: Independence Day, International Language Day, Pohela Boishakh and Victory Day. Inner qualities of the students are revealed through various performances. In ESS, celebrating the important days has become an integral part of learning history of Bangladesh and building a strong cultural belief.

Every moment of the event and festival has been celebrated with the active participation of the students on the day of Independence Day and Victory Day and International Language Day. Celebration of the historically important days at school campus creates a great remark on our students. The school premises of campus IV is decorated with various festoons, banners, flags, and placards. Students’ lively participation by singing patriotic songs, reciting poems and dancing on patriotic songs emphasizes their fervent respect for the country. 

In ESS, cultural celebrations are one of the ways to teach our students regarding cultural appreciation. ‘Pohela boishakh’ is celebrated at campus IV with great festivities. The special day at our campus starts by greeting ‘Shuvo Noboborsho’ to each other which means ‘Prosperous New Year’. Not only the students but also the teachers wear colorful dresses and sarees to bring the vibrant mood of the day. The programme includes Boishakhi songs, dance, recitation of poetry, display of traditional items and many other recreational activities. The artistic celebration of ‘Pohela Boishakh’ is incredible which teaches our students both cultural and historical value as a Bengali.


The school premises have been extensively upgraded, providing a very modern learning environment beneficial to both teachers and students.

  • For comfort and better attention to lectures, all classrooms are air-conditioned. 
  • To ensure a quality and peaceful learning environment the entire school premises stays under the surveillance of close circuit cameras. 
  • The school boasts a modern, well-equipped computer laboratory with all the facilities, and experienced faculty members are there to ensure the development of each student in the soft skills of the IT sector.
  • The school has collaborated with Goethe Institute and introduced the German Language in the regular curriculum for the students. This includes them under the PASCH programme and does not include any additional charge which is applicable if it is done under any other language centres. 
  • The library is well equipped where students have access to a wide range of books.
  • The Art section is highly attractive and enriched as well. 
  • Experienced music teachers render lessons on classical and traditional music in order to bring out the best in the students.
  • A psychological counsellor spends at least 40% of her time administering and conducting observations and interviews. Appropriate counselling is done based on the student’s necessity and relevant information is gathered about the assessment of students experiencing learning and adjustment problems and necessary steps are taken accordingly.

Online Classes

The COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut all across the world. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

ESS has been one of the first schools to introduce online classes to the students and has been successfully conducting digital learning from April 2020. This sudden shift away from the classroom had definitely been challenging for both the students and teachers but the adoption of online learning has been incredibly effective in this case. The two platforms that have been used by the teachers to conduct the virtual classes are the Zoom videoconferencing tool for the synchronous delivery of the content and Google Classroom for delivering the educational content extensively as the Learning Management System (LMS). The progress and results of each of the students are circulated through Class Tune.

Ground Rules are set by the ESS authority to cut down the interruption in conducting the classes and maximize the learning and participation in the online classes.

There are, however, challenges to overcome. Some students without reliable internet access and gadget malfunction might struggle to participate in digital learning but this has been handled efficiently by the ESS authority and teachers. Special care as well as attention is always a virtue of ESS; hence, the students missing out on any class and/or examinations have been assisted with backup lectures, documents and additional help from the teachers.