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Virtual Observance of the International Mother Language Day

April 17, 2022

ESS Dhanmondi Campus (Senior Section) organized a virtual programme on International Mother Language Day 2021. Virtual discussion sessions and cultural programmes were organized to highlight the significance of the great language movement and to perpetuate the memory of the language movement of 1952 to the new generation. The Director-in-Charge of the campus Engineer Abdullah and […]

ESS Dhanmondi Campus (Senior Section) is set to reopen for the new academic year online.

April 17, 2022

For a second consecutive year, ESS Dhanmondi Campus (Senior Section) reopens for the new academic year, 2021-22, in online mode, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. The classes for the new term started from 10th July 2021. The final results of the students had been published in June 2021 through ‘Class Tune’ (online application software). All […]

You need to use this to parameters

August 20, 2021

o access a post’s ID or content without calling setup_postdata(), or in fact any post-specific data (data retained in the posts table), you can use $post->COLUMN, where COLUMN is the table column name for the data. So $post->ID holds the ID, $post->post_content the content, and so on. To display or print this data on your […]