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Celebration of Pohela Baishakh

September 1, 2021

PohelaBaishakh is the most festive cultural event of Bengali tradition. PohelaBaishakhProgrammeis the biggest celebration of Bengali culture. We put emphasis on Baishakh celebration to inspire our students to know more about Bangla Culture. Every Year we organise this programme in the auditorium of Engineering Institution with a great deal of enthusiasm. Parents, students, teachers, admin and support staff took part in this event spontaneously and made it a huge success. As we celebrate this occasion together under one roof, it gets merrier. Students of Playgroup to A level participate in this programme and they mesmerise the spectators by their amazing performances of music, dance, poetry recitation, comic playlet and astounding fashion show.

During this covid period students are getting very bored staying home for long periods. Considering this situation, this year we have organized a virtual celebration of PohelaBaisakh, which was really a successful one. Students from all classes joined the programme through digital platform.