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ESS notices and event details


April 17, 2022

European Standard School (ESS) encourages students to enjoy and participate each and every event with great enthusiasm. Some of the days are celebrated in our school: Independence Day, International Language Day, Pohela Boishakh and Victory Day. Inner qualities of the students are revealed through various performances. In ESS, celebrating the important days has become an integral part of learning history of Bangladesh and building a strong cultural belief.

Every moment of the event and festival has been celebrated with the active participation of the students on the day of Independence Day and Victory Day and International Language Day. Celebration of the historically important days at school campus creates a great remark on our students. The school premises of campus IV is decorated with various festoons, banners, flags, and placards. Students’ lively participation by singing patriotic songs, reciting poems and dancing on patriotic songs emphasizes their fervent respect for the country. 

In ESS, cultural celebrations are one of the ways to teach our students regarding cultural appreciation. ‘Pohela boishakh’ is celebrated at campus IV with great festivities. The special day at our campus starts by greeting ‘Shuvo Noboborsho’ to each other which means ‘Prosperous New Year’. Not only the students but also the teachers wear colorful dresses and sarees to bring the vibrant mood of the day. The programme includes Boishakhi songs, dance, recitation of poetry, display of traditional items and many other recreational activities. The artistic celebration of ‘Pohela Boishakh’ is incredible which teaches our students both cultural and historical value as a Bengali.