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October 5, 2021

The cultural activities enhance the confidence level of the students thereby allowing them to perform better. These programs give an opportunity for students to present their talents in music, dance, recitation, fashion show, and drama. These activities develop the personality of the students and assist them in shaping a good career. The ‘Annual Cultural Program’ is held every year and the entire institution gets under the same roof to perform and celebrate a daylong programme. Apart from this each of the individual campus also arranges different cultural events and celebrations.

The youngsters in cultural education not only learn to reflect upon their own culture, but also get rid of their stage fright and develop a great deal of self-confidence. Through the skill of presentation, a sense of time management incredibly increases while rehearsing for their performances. In our Campus we celebrate the Bengali New Year that has two sections. We begin the day with the performances of the students and then have a ‘Boishakhi Mela’ that involves students, teachers and parents in a common celebration. We also observe, ‘Ekushe February’, ‘Bijoy Dibosh,’ ‘Shadhinota Dibosh’, ‘Pitha Utshab’ etc.