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Co-Curricular Activities

January 7, 2021

Rhyming competition 

In European Standard School (ESS), we believe in cognitive development of our students at a young stage of schooling. Every year we organize English and Bangla Rhyming Competition and Rhyme fest for pre-school to enhance reading skill, language skills and creativity. The Rhyming Competition is organized for students from PG to KG-II. They are encouraged to participate in Rhyming Competition to overcome speech difficulties and develop public speaking confidence at a young age. We believe in building strong base of literary through Rhyming Competitions that are practiced within the class activities. We ensure to make the process of learning delightful for the pre-school students through this competition, as it allows the student to gain knowledge of vocabulary at an early age. Creativity is one of the key aspects for us to build within our pre-school students through this competition. ESS, as a school try to develop our pre-school students, understanding how language works and building memory capabilities. 

Reading competition

The students of European Standard School (ESS) are encouraged to participate in Reading competitions every year as a part of co-curricular activities. All our campuses organize Reading Competition for students, to display their reading skill and winning glory for the school. The Reading Competition helps our students to read independently with confidence. We organize Reading competition for our students not to only establish self-achievement but also for vocabulary growth, spelling facility, understanding of grammar, and knowledge of the world. 

Handwriting Competition 

Every year, European Standard School (ESS) arrange Handwriting competitions for students from KG-I to Grade-V. Our students showcase their handwriting skill beautifully, achieving certificates and prizes for competition. Arrangement of this competition as a part of co-curricular activities has developed motor skill for pre-school students. Consistently, all our ESS campuses orchestrates Bangla Handwriting Competitions, where the students exhibit their talent in writing. Participating in this Competition motivates our student to be diligent, dedicated and competitive. 

Art Competition

Our students have been displaying their immense talent in the field of colours since the beginning of European Standard School (ESS). ESS students take part in both Inter and Intra- Art Competitions with an enthusiasm, they have been excelling their talent and winning glory for their institution. PG- to Grade- VIII, all our students take part in Art Competitions for last two decades of ESS. We took part in Art Competition arranged by Cambrian School and College with Channel I, in which ESS students have earned respect and name for their alma mater. Our campus’s like Bashundhara puts together Open Art Competitions for in-school and out-school students to take part in, to celebrate Victory Day, International Mother’s Language Day and Independence Day, every year all ESS students of Mirpur, Wari, Dhanmondi and Bashundara campuses, display their hard-work and artistry to win over everyone’s heart. Our students have also showed their artistic aptitude in other various Art Competition arranged by different institutions. Art Competition has built and enhance their creativity within each of our students making ESS known not only for excellence in academic but also for talent pool in artistry.