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ESS Cricket Club: We Dream Beyond Boundary

April 17, 2022

No nook and corner of this delta island is free from cricket fever. May be after 71 what makes our
blood metaphorically spill more, that is cricket. Hardly can the tigers of Bangladesh Cricket Team
imagine how much influence they exercise over the tender minds of the school goers. Cricket is now
not just a name of a sport, it is a word what cocoons hope and hype; it is an umbrella under which
there blooms dream to rock the world with a bat and ball.
To add fuel to the fire of cricket vibe, ESS management has been patronizing the cricket club since
its birth year in 2000. Standing on the threshold of the millennium, the club dared to dream of a
dauntless lyrical journey. The more time flew by, the more Bangladesh cricket team roared across
the boundary, the more ESS cricket team strengthened itself through thick and thin.

21st July 2010: Tigers Learned to Fly
European Standard School‟s cricket team flew to Malaysia on 21st July 2010 to participate in the
„4th KAF International Youth Cricket Carnival 2010 organised by Kuala Lumpur Cricket Association.
This is an under-16 age level competition. This youth carnival was nominated and awarded in the
category of “Best Junior Cricket Tournament 2009”, by ICC. ESS cricket team under the name ESS
HCB (ESS Heritage Club) already took part in the third round of the KAF carnival and secured a
prestigious position reaching semi-finals. Here goes the tournament detail:
Tournament Format:
2 reserves,
1 manager

1. Royal Selangor Club – Kiara Annexe (Main event venue)
2. Kinarara Oval
3. Bayuemas Oval
4. Club Aman

Match Summary
Sri Lanka won the toss, went for batting first and scored 75 runs in 7 overs. ESS Heritage Club
(ESS HCB) chased the target within 6 overs. On behalf of ESS HCB Maruf and Sofor scored 30 and
28 respectively. The match placed the winning team in the third position of the entire tournament.

Individual Achievements in the Tournament:
Best batsman: Md. Faiyaz (ESS)
Best bowler: Abu Nowajish ( ESS HCB)
Best fielder: Kader Alam ( ESS HCB)
Best wicket keeper: Saiful Islam Sanju (ESS HCB)
Man of the final: Md. Sofor Raj (ESS HCB)
Fastest bowler: Maruf Hasan (ESS HCB)

Participation in few other tournaments:
1. Dhaka Inter School Tournament (DPS STS) in 2017
2. 3rd DPS STS Inter School Cricket Tournament in 2018