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ESS notices and event details


September 1, 2021


Adequate facilities make it easier for the school to deliver better education. Parents should consider the quality of school facilities as a factor in choosing a school for their children. Good school facilities have an impact on student success and the effectiveness of a teacher’s lesson. School facilities, according to surveys, have a major impact on child’s overall school experience. School facilities have an effect on learners’ health, behavior, and participation. Good equipment and facilities are part of a school’s holistic approach. We provide needful facilities for better education at ESS Junior Section as these are the holistic approach of a school.


The library section is the most significant part for our students. It has a special call to the students who go there and quench their thirst for reading material that cannot be provided to them in the classroom. Our library is enriched with numbers of books,magazines, periodicals, and newspapersfor various age groupswith its calm and tranquil atmosphere.

Indoor Kid Zone and Outdoor Playground:

 Kid Zone is a fun and engaging environment for your child. FacilitiesHere your child can build literacy skills in a fun and interactive way. Our children’s zone provides a safe and fun place for them to study and play. Kid Zone of our campus provides care and enrichment activities for elementary school students. Outdoor activities are a great way for kids to get some exercise. Outdoor sports keep kids busy and might help them improve their physical stamina and fitness levels. Our students are always thrilled to visit the outdoor playground and spend some quality time while recharging their energies.

 Air-Conditioned Class:

We know the environment can have a huge effect on productivity, so it’s important to ensure the school heating and air conditioning system is performing at its best.


Students require guidance and counseling, and ESS plays a vital role in bringing out the best in them. While good behavior is admired, young brains often require direction in order to polish their personalities. Children are taught how to handle and deal with emotional conflict and personal difficulties through counseling.Counseling will assist students in incorporating important lessons into their daily lives. Our students receive frequent counseling from us.