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Festivals & Celebrations

August 30, 2021

We lavishly celebrate International Days and Festivals. Alongside the students,
parents and teachers also participate. We want our students to know about our
norms and traditions.
 Global Hand washing Day 2018 – Our campus celebrated this day with the
students to raise awareness of hand washing with soap as a key factor in
disease prevention. Our students learnt the importance of hand washing
through performing in some fun activities. As we believe ‘Learning is Fun’
 Teacher’s Day Celebration 2018 – Our Students made cards for the
 Pitha Utsav 2019
 Vegetable Day 2020
 Celebration of Glorious 20 Years
 Tree Plantation Event 2019
 Mother’s Day Celebration 2019
 Super Rhymes Fest 2019
 Independence Day 2019
 International Mother Language Day 2019