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Catch up with the latest as well as upcoming activities that the students of École Mondiale World School are up to.


Academic Activities

In the course of Corona life, ESS management has taken initiatives to carry on regular study flow of its students through several online mediums such as, Zoom Cloud, Google Classroom, Class Tune and WhatsApp. ESS has started taking online classes within one month of the initial lock-down in March, 2020. A prompt decision was taken by ESS committee and all the students were brought under a single network within a week after that. From then on, we have been successfully continuing our online classes/services with great enthusiasm.

For regular online classes Zoom Cloud Meeting has been chosen which has fruitfully succeeded us to proceed a smooth and effective online class system. Moreover, for exam sessions has been conducted with Zoom Pro for a better online class experience.

Considering the online classes as a long-term plan, ESS has chosen Google Classroom as an alternative platform for offline classes. Students are able to submit their regular class-works and home-works according to the subjects. Correspondingly, teachers can upload respective teaching materials such as information sheets, video clips, maps, pictures and so on through this programme. In addition, Google Classroom is also being used to share the regular Zoom classes’ links with our students. Teachers are comfortably checking students’ works here and keeping a fair documentation of the student performance which eventually results an effectual study procedure.

Our latest inclusion to upgrade our online class system is an association with Class Tune. It has built a common interactive platform for all stakeholders including all students, parents, teachers, and the administrative teams of all schools to collaborate and embrace technology, evolving from the old school method. Students and parents can get easily the notices, daily dairies, report cards, academic performance sheet. They also can submit their applications to the management or teachers through this platform. Teachers keep record of the students’ marks and attendance through this platform so that both parents and students can see the report.