Welcome to European Standard School (ESS).


» Our Principal

Mr. Md. Morshedul Islam

Civil Engineer from IIT, India

MBA from BUP

Teaching Math in A Level


In our students, we encourage intellectual curiosity, a sense of challenge and perseverance. We teach our students to believe that what they do and say can make a difference to the world around them. The European Standard School is a caring and multicultural community that enables all individuals to realize their academic and personal potential in a dynamic and challenging learning environment which values enquiry, perseverance and reflection. At the European Standard School, we act with integrity and treat one another with respect, learning together as responsible global citizens. Through exceptional opportunities, outstanding support and motivation, our students become resourceful, responsible and confident learners. All instruction is in English and our certified teachers are highly fluent in English. Our teachers are our biggest asset and they are given opportunities to continually honour their craft through professional development. I always have an open door policy and enjoy speaking to staff, students, parents and community members. I encourage you to not only view our website but come out to visit ESS, to see our learning community in action. I always enjoy meeting new families and introducing them to the ESS Way.