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Partnership with ClassTune

January 9, 2021

It is a great pleasure to bring forth the news that that ESS has partnered with ClassTune, a Learning Management System. ESS was one of the first English medium schools to introduce online classes amid the pandemic. To make this experienced even better, ESS partnered with ClassTune. Using ClassTune, parents can:

· keep track of the progress of their child/children

· pay the tuition fees of their children

The full list of ClassTune features is given below:

1. Attendance

2. Homework

3. Online Fees Collection

4. Class Routine

5. Online Quiz

6. Report Card

7. Lesson Plan

8. Profile

9. Class work

10. Academic Calendar

11. Library Management

12. Events

13. Accounting Management

14. Teacher’s Routine

15. Syllabus

16. Meeting Request

17. Leave Application

18. Transport

19. Notice

Note: These are the features available at ClassTune, ESS uses them according to their need and planning.