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School Life

ESS maintains a high standard in providing quality education. In ESS, we not only focus on education, rather the entire wellbeing of our students. The mental, physical, psychological, and moral development of our students are our main focuses. Therefore, we emphasize on Digital Classroom facilities, Extra-curricular activities, atmosphere, Athletics, and Cultural activities.

ESS uses digital equipment as a means of teaching resource ensuring proper learning facility. Facilitated by quality computers, ESS has excellent computer labs for its students. ESS has recently spent around a million in BDT to update its computer labs alone to ensure quality teaching.

ESS does not only focus on its education that it maintains a high standard of, but it also focuses on Extra Curricular Activities. ESS believes in the complete development and the wellbeing of its students. Deeds, not Words is the tagline of ESS. It ensures on the multi-growth of its graduates. ESS has many sports events such as Annual Sports Competition, Football Competitions, Cricket Competitions. It also enriches its education with cultural programs and celebrations such as Annual Picnic, Pitha Utshob, Children’s Day, Pohela Boishakh, Pohela Falgun, Ekushe February, and many more.

Here at ESS, we focus on the overall development of our students, and it creates the most enjoyable environment for our students.