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Vice Principal’s Message

August 25, 2021

Welcome to the website of European Standard School (ESS). As the Vice-Principal of the reputable institution, I consider it my privilege to pen down my message for our newly launched website of our school. I really feel very fortunate to work with many dedicated, committed, caring and innovative teachers, parents and students.


The Middle Section of ESS Dhanmondi Campus is located at Dhanmondi House # 59/B. Road # 12/A. Here the students from Class III to Class VII are taught and they are from different age group ranges from 10 to 14. This campus is well furnished with airy classrooms, library facilities, a computer lab, a vast ground, and a healthy canteen.


Here we encourage children to be independent and learn at their own pace. We ensure a standard education for our students. We strongly emphasize the importance of Class VII where the students involve themselves with the Pre O Level Syllabus both mentally and academically.


The pedagogy relies on traditional lecture systems and modern technologies, audio-visual material, multimedia projector to help the students comprehend the material. Problem-solving communication skills, interactive learning are given priority followed by group discussion where students can converse about their perceptions and findings. It is more obvious that students get inspired and motivated in this process of learning. They also provided their responses through problem-solving, explanation based multitasking activities.


This campus integrates various sports, cultural events, Bijoy Dibosh, Ekushe February, Pahela Boishakh, Scout, PASCH (German Language) activities, and many other co-curricular activities. We use project-based learning curriculum where students engage in long-term projects.


A very efficient group of teachers is doing an excellent job in preparing these students in the finest possible ways so that these children can enter the next senior classes successfully.


We look forward to giving all potential students the chance to be a part of our ESS legacy.


Best Regards,
Naima Sultana
Vice Principal